Why to Visit Ladakh

Ladakh is a famous destination for your holidays this place is totally surrounded with the mountains and lakes natural beauty you can find here which is located in the western Himalayas of North India that you can visit this place is full from the adventure which is the most attractive part of the tourist if you loves to enjoy this place this place is also famous for bike riding you can also enjoy there .

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There are places which you can explore in Ladakh while you are visiting there

Scenic Beauty – As Ladakh is surrounded with the natural beauty and serene view of trees greenery & more so you can find here the scenic view of this place .

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Culture – This place is famous for the Buddhist culture so you can enjoy here the culture so you can enjoy here the cuisine this is also the backbone of this place for toursim .

Road Trip – Ladakh roads are very famous and adventurous for the bike lovers and road trips you can enjoy at the road around the mountain that is very adventurous for all.

Wildlife- Apart from the natural beauty this place holds also the many species of birds, animals in the Himalaya region. so you can also find the many birds and animals to explore.

Religious – There are many monasteries and temples that you can explore in Ladakh if You are planning a pilgrimage ladakh tour to India .

Apart from all if you also loves to enjoy the places which are rich for the adventure places that you can find here Camel Safari is an another part that you can enjoy here after the Rajasthan

this place is more famous for camel safari & Yak safari in the Himalayan. if You are planning to Ladakh then you must also visit to Jammu Kashmir.

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