Why to Visit Ladakh

Ladakh is a famous destination for your holidays this place is totally surrounded with the mountains and lakes natural beauty you can find here which is located in the western Himalayas of North India that you can visit this place is full from the adventure which is the most attractive part of the tourist if you loves to enjoy this place this place is also famous for bike riding you can also enjoy there .

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There are places which you can explore in Ladakh while you are visiting there

Scenic Beauty – As Ladakh is surrounded with the natural beauty and serene view of trees greenery & more so you can find here the scenic view of this place .

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Culture – This place is famous for the Buddhist culture so you can enjoy here the culture so you can enjoy here the cuisine this is also the backbone of this place for toursim .

Road Trip – Ladakh roads are very famous and adventurous for the bike lovers and road trips you can enjoy at the road around the mountain that is very adventurous for all.

Wildlife- Apart from the natural beauty this place holds also the many species of birds, animals in the Himalaya region. so you can also find the many birds and animals to explore.

Religious – There are many monasteries and temples that you can explore in Ladakh if You are planning a pilgrimage ladakh tour to India .

Apart from all if you also loves to enjoy the places which are rich for the adventure places that you can find here Camel Safari is an another part that you can enjoy here after the Rajasthan

this place is more famous for camel safari & Yak safari in the Himalayan. if You are planning to Ladakh then you must also visit to Jammu Kashmir.

Top 5 Sunset Points in Kerala

Kerala No word to say in praising of this city or place because this city is famous for the natural beauty . this place is also famous as the Gods Own Country with many green forests trees, rivers & more Eco friendly & green environment of this place will stole your heart. apart from all there are many famous beaches where you can find some adventure activities & sports In sand and sun shine beaches. There are some best beaches or places which are famous for the sunset point in Kerala.

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Ponmudi if we talk about the sunset point in kerala then this place comes on top in list also known as the “The Golden Peak” famous hill station situated at an elevation of 3600 ft. It is loacted just 55km from Thiruvanantpuram. you can get here some panoramic & scenic view of sunset here.

Marine Drive Beach a famous destination or point for the sunset point where you can play with the rays of sun at this beach in kochi with the romantic & priceless view in evening of sunset
kochi is a famous tourist destination in Kerala for hangout many youngsters like this place.

Another beach in Kerala is kovalam famous for the sunset that you cannot neglect or miss if you are visiting there this beach is flanked with number of coconut tree on the bank of Arabian sea so this place is very famous also for tourist destination for relaxation & peace.

Varkala Beach is very famous for the tourists where you can enjoy sunset view which located at the 50 km away from the Trivandrum it is also a myth about this beach waves wash your all sins so number of people comes here.

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Alleppey & Alappuzha Backwater houseboat is the backbone of this place you can take a package of houseboat to spend your vacation in Unique way apart from this sunset view at this place is amazing from backwater.

These are the famous 5 sunset points in Kerala you can plan a Kerala tour to enjoy this.

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Top Attractions to Explore in North India

In India there are no end of tourists Places with varieties all Taste of places are available here & all places have their own uniqueness & Property to represent themselves but apart from this some famous & most preferred places of northern part of India by tourists are listed below.

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1- Taj Mahal is a huge mausoleum is located in Agra and is constructed of white marble by the order of the Emperor Mughal Shah Jahan in memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal . Construction of a grandiose mausoleum, which surpassed the beauty and size of all the rest, lasted more than twenty years. The work involved more than twenty thousand people

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2- The Ajanta caves were created in the 2nd century BC from a rock in the form of a horseshoe along the river Vagora. They were used by Buddhist monks as prayer halls and monasteries for about nine centuries, after which they were unexpectedly abandoned. Opened again in 1819.

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The caves are numbered from east to west, from 1 to 29. Today, all the caves are connected by a terrace, but in ancient times, each cave led a separate course from the waterfront.

3- The magnificent Jaisalmer fort is built on an 80-meter hill. For many centuries, little has changed here, and it is unlikely that somewhere else will be found a place where just as many buildings are located in such a small space.

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The fort has many winding streets, and there are huge gates, the magaraj palace, the courtyard and beautifully decorated Jain temples. The most beautiful of Havelas are Havels, built by the merchants of Jaisalmer: Petwon ki Haveli, Salim Singh ki Haveli and Nat?mal k Khaveli.

4- Golden Temple Amritsar — The temple is considered to be one of the most respected and oldest in India. This is the sacred Mecca of the Sikhs. The construction of the temple began in the 16th century by the Guru himself, and in the 19th century the upper floors of the temple were covered with gold.

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The Famous golden temple stands in the center of an artificial lake & a road to it lies a narrow marble bridge it was once thought that only the righteous can go to the sanctuary, and the path through the lake equated to the purification of the soul.

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Monsoon Places to visit near Mumbai?

Mumbai is one of the busiest places in the country. Especially, during the month of monsoon, the city gets inundated with showers and it is often very heavy and presents a delightful scenario. Who can forget the amazing song ‘Rim Jhim Gire Sawan’ with superstar Amitabh Bacchan singing in the heavy Mumbai showers in the backdrop of Marine Drive. However, most of the times, monsoons in Mumbai are extremely heavy and often lead to clogging and flooding in the streets. So, tourists are cautioned against going outside in such inclement weather. But, visitors and tourists needn’t worry. There are plenty of interesting places around Mumbai, which will make your trip memorable. Let us scroll them down below.

Karnala fort

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Karnala fort is one of the most picturesque forts which is in the vicinity of the city. It is situated in the small village of Karnala, which is at a distance of 47 km from Mumbai, 13 km from Panvel and at a distance of 35 km from Karjat. This fort was built by the Tuglaq and Yadavas of Devgiri. Visitors get an exceptional view of the forests and greenery, which surrounds it. There is a bird sanctuary present in this village. The incredible bird sanctuary has an exotic collection of birds like Malabar Parakeet, Nilgiri Woodpigeon and Malabar Grey Hornbill. During the monsoon season, all these birds come to this village and the bird sanctuary.


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Khandala is one of the favourite forts, which is close to Mumbai. It is situated at a distance of 82 km from Mumbai. There are umpteen attractions like the Duke’s Nose, Bhushi’s lake and the Tiger Leap. It is one of the most famous hill stations, which is close to the city. It is one of the most visited places by trekkers.


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Panchgani is one of the most popular tourist destinations, which is there in Maharashtra. It is situated in Sahyadri ranges. There are five mountain ranges with an incredible amount of greenery. Panchgani has excellent connectivity by road with the city of Mumbai. For those who are interested in tribal art, you must visit Devrai Art Village and explore Rock Dhokra. Another very interesting place for a visit is Tableland, which is the second-largest plateau in the continent of Asia.

From Tableland, you can see Rajpuri’s Caves and Devil Kitchen. Rajpuri caves are famous for a temple dedicated to Lord Karthikeya.  Apart from Tablepoint, Mapro Garden is one of the most renowned destinations in the country, which has a chocolate factory. You will be able to taste the most delicious chocolates there. Apart from Mapro Garden, you will be able to go to Devil’s Garden, for enjoying at the caves. Visitors can also do paragliding there. Another very popular spot is Parsipoint, which gives an interesting view of Dhom Dam Lake. You can enjoy an excellent picnic there and then go towards the Sydney Point, where you can see the legendary Krishna River flowing swiftly.


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Matheran is perhaps the cutest hill station in the whole country. You will love observing the sunset and sunrise, from a distance. It is situated in the Western Ghats at a height of 800 meters. During the rainy season, it has a plethora of tourists coming in and out. One of the unique things about this station is that there are no buses or cars on the street. Tourists will find a place to be sensational and breathtaking. In monsoon, you will find the place to be ideal for events like trekking, camping and hiking. It is perhaps the tiniest hill station in the whole nation.

So dont forget to check and book in advance your Mumbai Tour packages

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What Tourists Like Most in India

Basically a tour which starts from Delhi and explore about the famous tourist places and historical monuments of Delhi like India gate, Qutub Minar, Lotus Temple,, Red Fort, Akshardham Temple & more.

taj mahal agra

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Then move for your another or next destination Agra where you will explore about the Famous & UNESCO world heritage site like Taj Mahal.

Afterward, proceed onward to the Rajasthan desert district to appreciate the magnificent land, Jaipur with its royal residences, fortresses, Jantar Mantar, markets and considerably more.

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All in all, what’s so exceptional around three destinations that make up a fanciful triangle? One could without much of a stretch discover four destinations on the guide and make a square. Would that make the square all the more fascinating? All things considered, not generally.

Moreover, the Golden Triangle is n’t only three arbitrary destinations that are acclaimed to shape their areas make on the guide. What makes the Golden Triangle Tour amazing is what’s inside those destinations. Visitors don’t typically stay with the banality Golden Triangle schedule. They add a couple of tourist destinations to add a flavor to the outing like Golden Triangle with Ranthambore, etc.

In Delhi, you can savor the way of life of the entire nation may it be execution expressions, cooking, celebration or shopping. While at Delhi, explore Red Fort, Chandni Chowk, Qutub Minar, Akshardham Temple, India Gate, and other paramount buildings, which include more connections of its history with its way of life.

This has driven Rajasthan to be a notable shopping destination in the nation. With sands and residue on the floor, the powerful Rajputs have figured out how to assemble a few structures, landmarks and significantly more. Of the considerable number of destinations of Rajasthan, what can beat capital excellence, the Jaipur?

Agra is a famous Mughal dynasty of India one of the famous monument the symbol of love Taj Mahal is there which is also named as a UNESCO world heritage site which was built by the Sahah Jahan in the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal .

Another mark of the Mughal Empire is the deserted capital city, Fatehpur Sikri. Built with everything about extravagance and building bragging, this capital city was relinquished in 10 years or something like that, because of the absence of water and propelling powers of threatening realms.


There’s indeed so much to discover when it comes to the biodiversity of nature and the Indian wildlife is the perfect example of the same. It’s the exact reason why most tourists around the world prefer to visit India, at least at a point in time of their lives.

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From jump-starting ‘Project Tiger’ to being named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, our Indian national parks and sanctuaries have always been at the helm of preserving this natural environment that every tourist craves for.

Religious Destinations –

India pilgrim destinations are very famous for religious peoples who want to explore about the places which explore all about the India religions & rituals every places of India related to many goddess and devotees where they comes to forgive for their own mistakes. Varanasi, Haridwar, Chardham, Rishikesh & many more pilgrim destinations are famous.

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Unmask the Facts of Nepal before Exploring It

One of the popular countries and the tourist destination that is known to be the blend of modernity and ancient civilization is ‘Nepal’ which has created its trademark. If you think you have known this tiny country quite well, then it is the time for you to think again. The given below facts would truly intrigue you. This astounding country will pop out your pub quiz. With so many interesting facts that Nepal is sure to give you if you are looking forward to exploring this place someday sooner, then fill up your head with some interesting information, which you might not have heard earlier.

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Located in the Himalayas, Nepal is a landlocked territory. This means it has borders with huge Asian giants. On the north side, there is the People ’s Republic of China while in the south you will find India. On contrary to the giant neighbours, this small territory till date has managed to maintain the territories diversity. It extends from Terai humid wooded plains till the iciest mountain which called as the earth peak and that is Himalaya.

  1. The Country whose Capital was a Lake

Yes! You have read it right. As per the mythology and geographical studies, it has been confided was Kathmandu was once upon a time a lake. Mythology states that Manjushri went to Kathmandu where he saw a huge lake. To create a good civilization in that area, he divided the crest in held where the water drained. This eventually leads to having the valley with the most fertile area. As per the geologist, Lake got drained out over 15,000 years.

  1. No Independence Day

Even if there had been a lot of historical truths about Nepal told to us, but do you know that there is one contraction and expansion history too. Well, this country was never ruled by foreigners nor there has been colonization ever made. It is the only country that celebrates no Independence Day.

  1. Surrounded by Tallest Mountains

Although Nepal is one smallest country but do you know that most of the mountain areas in Nepal are located on the Northside and 8 out of the ten tallest mountains itself are in Nepal. Mount Everest is the perfect example of the same. It is popular by Sagarmatha which Sherpas of the country have named it.

  1. In The Land Of Buddha Hinduism is Followed:

Although the Locals of Nepal call Lumbini a place where Buddha was born but Hinduism has a strong impact on the society of Nepal. Yes, there is also Buddhism which is followed. But there is no denying that Nepal is the only state where 80.6% of people follow Hinduism and 10.7 % have budgets and rest includes Muslim and other regions in minority

Known to be a multicultural territory, you know, Nepal surely till date has managed to Nepali traditions, ancient religions in the gigantic mountains and extensive nature. But don’t you think those fun facts mentioned above, made us know this place better?

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How Can I Explore North India

India’s northern area is honored with energizing occasion destinations. A combination of lively culture, fascinating conventions, verifiable colorful structures, and tongue-stimulating food are the reasons to not miss the hypnotizing spots to visit in North India

India gate Delhi

It tends to be difficult to oppose wandering up into the beguiling snow-topped mountains that joy experience enthusiasts, and into the domains of the northern fields encompassed by burning desert, where the pompous medieval fortresses will enchant you by their splendid intrigue. 


Delhi is a satisfactorily energetic capital city that fortunes age-old remains overflowing a solid history of the medieval past. The city is frequently viewed as the first destination to visit in Quite a while on account of their assortment of notorious diamonds like the Qutab Minar, the Red Fort and a mixture of other wonderful forts.

qutub minar delhi

Shimla-Queen of Hill Stations 

In the event that you need to discover comfort, at that point, Shimla can be a superior spot, to begin with. This hill station was one of the most famous summer get-away destinations in India during the British principle.

What’s more, because of its huge reputation back then, this beautiful hill town rose as a perfect hill resort where you can meet with nature. 

Manali-A Gateway to Heaven or say ‘A ski Destination’

While Shimla is given the real tag as a hill resort destination, Manali, then again, is a remarkable ski destination. The hill town during winter is covered with a white fleecy day off; it will be spoiled with energizing ski activities that each retreat gives. 

Nainital-An Enchanting Hill Station 

Nainital is one of the cherished retreat towns situated in the Kumaon district of the Himalayas. Its appeal will, in general, give an attractive draw to the reviving looking for vacationers.

The beautiful Nainital Lake is seen stuffed with many vacationers every day standing by restlessly to take a quieting vessel ride in the midst of the quiet waters. 

Rishikesh-Yoga Capital of India 

Probably the holiest city in India and the origin of yoga Rishikesh is jam-pressed with explorers and hikers, however in spite of its surge way of life, the city will tenderly support you step by step making you love the city more. This northern city sits on the lower regions of the Himalaya and is frequently the go-to put for the north Indian city tenant for a speedy summer escape. 

Corbett National Park-An Abode of Exotic Wildlife Species 

Acclaimed for the savage tigers and other natural life experience, Corbett can either have you snared to the spot for a safari experience, or it can give you a desire to invest calming energy at a part of the luxurious wildlife resorts. This destination isn’t simply overflowing with wild creatures yet additionally uncommon and astonishing greeneries. 

You can see in these present circumstances tiger save during the pinnacle summer season and end up sited at the side of your vehicle seat attempting to catch the sight of lovely but wild tigers too.

Top 5 Destinations for a Perfect Family Vacation in India

The best childhood fantasies for most of them are those when they went on a holiday tour with their family. Traveling to wonderful destinations is one of the ideal ways to spare some quality time with your family, away from the busy routine of life. 

In India, there are several in destinations that are perfect for a family vacation where we can find special family resorts and numerous activities that a family can luxuriate together. Choosing the right destination is a significant thing so that you can have a family vacation to cherish for a lifetime. So, what are you thinking? Don’t wait for further! Here are the 5 best places to visit in India for a family vacation 


Rajasthan is the best family vacation destinations in India. With its grand royal history, vibrant cultural heritage and magnificent forts and mansions, Rajasthan is one of the best travel destinations in India. A few of the amazing places to tour in Rajasthan are – Pushkar, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Ranthambore National Parkland and Udaipur.

Experience the marvelous camel safaris in the hills near Jodhpur and Jaisalmer. And also cherish yourself in wildlife safari in Ranthambore.  Furthermore, visiting the divine town of Pushkar along with Ajmer gives the aspired pleasure. Also, there are lots of activities that hold even the most fastidious of tourists on their toes. Every town in Rajasthan contains magnificent fortresses and palaces, and beautiful Havelis.

Also, Rajasthan is internationally famous for its shopping exhibition as well as foods and handcrafted things. Of course, millions of travelers from throughout the world prefer to participate in the festivities of Rajasthan.


Shimla is one of the favorite destinations of travelers in India, as it’s known as the magnificent Hill stations of Himachal Pradesh. The picturesque place is also excellent to plan a summertime holiday in India with loved ones. The destination offers great pleasures to its visitants. For this purpose, it is much explored after destination for family vacations.

The main shopping center in Shimla is The Mall Road. Here, you can experience shopping in Malls as well as in regional stores. A walk through the Mall Road with your family is very exalted. The most popular spectacles in Shimla incorporate Jakhu Temple, Dorje Drag Monastery, Christ Church, Viceregal Lodge, and so on. 

Another prominent traveler attraction near Shimla is Chadwick Waterfalls. A journey to this wonderful waterfall, which is placed only a few kilometers away, grants an excellent cessation to your family holidays. A tour to Kufri for snowfall adventure is still another activity that is very prevalent among families who prefer Shimla as their vacation destination.


Situated in the Idduki district of Kerala, Munnar is an enthralling hill station. This is known for its natural scenic charm, relaxing and luxurious tea estates and peaceful ambiance. All these present it a classic place to go for family holidays in Kerala. Moreover, Munnar hill station is also well-known among adventure lovers.

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Here, you can revel in trekking, boating, jungle safaris, and cycling. Don’t forget to visit the tea factory in Munnar. There you can have the opportunity to learn the tea processing steps from start till the end. 


If you desire to relish beach holidays in India, then Goa is the ideal destination to be at. It is world-famous for its palm-fringed shores, exciting night parties. Furthermore, the scenery of this site makes it one of the most enjoyable family holiday destinations

The beauty of sand, sun, and sea will nevermore fail to entice you. A few of the most toured beaches of Goa comprise Calangute Beach, Anjuna Beach, and Baga Beach. You can have a fabulous vacation with your family and friends here.

New Delhi

 New Delhi, the capital of India comes in the first position when we speak about family tours in India. There we can explore World Heritage Sites which are worth-witnessing throughout your family holidays here. Lodhi Garden in New Delhi is one of the greatest places to visit with children and families.

Moreover, you can drive a train with your children in the National Rail Museum. Shopping at bazaars in Delhi is yet another pleasant activity. Then there is a museum of toilets too, which can entertain your kids and your family. National Zoological Park with birds and animals is another picnic spot in Delhi where you can enjoy yourself with your family and friends. 


When we are talking about Agra, the first thing comes into mind is Taj Mahal. The city becomes renowned for this minarets. The extraordinary carvings, sculpture of this minarets really awe people. This is an immortal invention in the era of Mughal emperors. This becomes one wonder of world, among seven. This was created by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan for his wife Mumtaz Mahal. So this is a symbol of love. Visiting Agra will create an unforgettable moment in your mind. 3 to 4 days’ trip of Agra in vacation will be ever lasted undoubtedly. The perfect place for young couples, as well as for family trip. Numerous people from different nation can be found here in many times of the year. Though people mostly choose August, September, October, November, etc. months to visit here. This is not too many far from Delhi.

Taj Mahal Agra
Taj Mahal A

            Though Agra is also famous for so many historical things, apart from Taj Mahal. Another wonderful visiting thing of Agra is Red Fort. Moreover, Fatehpur Sikri, Agra Fort, Tomb of Akbar, Jama Masjid, Taj Museum, etc. are the important visiting places of Agra. There are plenty of reasons for making trip in Agra. Some important reasons are discussed below.

1. Destination of One of the Seven Wonders in World Situated Here

The mandate reason of visiting Agra is Taj Mahal. People from many country come here just for taking one view of Taj Mahal. The excellent carvings of this minarets is really admirable. This sculpture made Indian history special. This was made in the time Mughal Emperor Shahjahan. He made it for his wife for making their love everlasting. The minaret was made by white marble. The night view of Taj Mahal is flawless.

2. Agra Fort

Another great invention in the era of Mughal was Agra Fort. That time, Shahjahan was also Mughal’s emperor. But Akbar and their grandson also contributed for making of this fort. The fort is symbol of potential, courage of the Mughal emperors. The Fort was made by red stone, also some portions of this fort was made of white marble. This is such a wonderful combinational creation of Mughal and Islam work. Also, there are sound and light effects shows of some life events of Mughal emperors for tourists.

3. Wonderful Visit in Mehtab Bagh

Another beautiful thing is situated in the north of Taj Mahal is Mehtab Bagh. Both two beautiful things make Agra glorious for all tourists. The name of this bagh is Moonlit Garden. This bagh was made by the Mughal emperor Babur. The bagh is situated besides the Yamuna River. This is one of the great places for photography. This is last invention by Mughal emperors.

4. Shopping

The small city Agra gives us so many reasons for visiting there. One of the exciting activity you can obviously do here is shopping. The city has so many wonderful, unique things to buy. Some important things are – showpiece of Taj Mahal minaret, zardosi saree with embroidery works, carpets, leather articles, etc. Also, there are so many delicious foods’ shops in local area. You may get samosa, petha, kachori, etc. food from local street foods’ shop.

5. Other Excellent Architectures

Agra becomes one of the most visiting places of India due to have so many historical illustration, ancient architectures. Another grandiose creation of Mughal era apart from Taj Mahal is Fatehpur Sikri. It’s also an attraction of points for tourists. It was also made from red stone. It’s incredible working, excellent carvings attract people from all over the world. So this is also an obvious thing to observe in the trip of Agra. Moreover, the city offers more mosques, palaces, courtyards etc.

6. Delicious Foods of Agra

Another points of attractions for tourism is unique, delicious, divine foods of Agra. Agra is a source of so many special dishes. Plenty of tasty non vegetarian and vegetarian dishes are available here. Like – tandoori chicken, dalmoth, jalebi, paneer tikka, etc. Some important, reliable restaurants of Agra are – Agra Chat House, Shilpgram Restaurant, cloud restaurant, Thaaliwala, Manoj Restaurant etc. So the city also provides wonderful trip with delicious foods.

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There are plenty of reasons to visit in Agra. First of all, Taj Mahal is an obvious and main reason to visit in Agra. Still, there are so many attractions, like – forts, palaces, mosques, courtyards etc. for tourists. So people from different country come here for making ever last memory in Agra. Also, the city has so many hotels and restaurants for providing reliable, comfortable services to all tourists. People mostly choose October, November, December months to visit here. So don’t late to make a memorable trip in Agra with family or partners.

Most Preferred India Destinations to Visit

India is a Big country which riched with number of historical destinations and diversity in culture & tradition India is also a very famous tourists destinations which attracts the tourists from their property & uniqueness so you can get or enjoy the different culture Tradition & weather at one place in a same trip.this country is also known as the birth place of Hinduism, Yoga & ayurveda where you can get yoga classes or seminars to understand the value & how yoga can detoxify

your negative energy and unuseful things from your body there are some places like taj mahal, qutub minar, redfort and many more places has been familier with all but apart from this some places are which you should visit while travelling to india.

Meharangarh fort is located on the top of the mountain in northern indian state Rajasthan Directly above the city of jodhpur one of the very magnificent view of entire city you can get from this fort so Constrution of this fort stated in 15th century along with the construction ofjodhpur cityWalls and gates were erected for several centuries and became simply monumental.

India is is not only rich in architecture & tradition and historical places country is also a great destination which holds the nature beauty places like lakes, rivers trees and more like kerala where you can enjoy a boat trip which is famous tourists attraction of the city people comes across the world to enjoy the natural beauty of Kerala houseboat

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Ajanta caves

This ancient place of India appeared two thousand years ago. For hundreds of years, monks carved caves in the rock, decorating them with columns, statues and bizarre carvings. In the thousands year of our era, the complex was abandoned and in 1983 this place also listed as UNESCO world heritage Site in india. so you can also explore this mysterious place.

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Jantar Mantar Observatory jaipur

Jantar Mantar is a park nearby city palace and hawa mahal which is a in century was built to observe the sun and the stars of Maharaja Jai ​​Singh II, the ruler of the kingdom of Amber so if you are visiting to Jaipur then you can explore this place.

Kanha National park This wild reserve is considered one of the most beautiful in India Asia. Here you can see tigers in their natural habitats, look at the slender bamboo forests and the picturesque Kanha Gorges that inspired Kipling to write his famous Jungle Book. In addition to tigers, birds, deer and Indian wolves live here.

So there are no end of places you can get much and more India offbeatand lesser Known places to Explore .