India’s Popular Heritage Places

After China India comes on second with highest population and also on seventh largest Country in the world there are diversity in all things languages, places, tradition, religion and more all places are different from each other and every places have their own uniqueness by religion & culture so people comes here to see the unity in diversity of India which is most popular tag line in all over the world and it also attracts the people to plan a tour to India.

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There are a lot of Places which cannot be described at once so some popular Tourists attraction of North India I am exploring here

Taj Mahal (Agra) is known as the most beautiful mausoleum in the world. It is the place where the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan made a huge investment for Queen Mumtaz Mahal as a place to stay in love and become immortal. Love myths, travelers coming to India will definitely visit the Taj Mahal.

Taj Mahal
Agra Taj Mahal

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This palace-style mausoleum is made of pure white marble and is inlaid with a variety of gorgeous gems. Fully symmetrical architectural aesthetics, combining Indian and Persian architectural art.

The Ganges River (Varanasi) is the mother river of India and the source of life in Varanasi. Numerous Hindus will come to Varanasi in their lifetime. When the first light of the East crosses the river, the believers will put their hands together and talk in the mouth, then slowly walk into the Ganges to bathe. They are convinced that the

Varanasi Ganga Aarti
Varanasi, Ganga Aarti

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Ganges water can cleanse sin and sickness and help the soul to ascend to heaven. In the evening, the Ganges Night Festival begins at the Dashashwamedh Ghats, where more than a dozen Brahmin priests use singers, fire candles, conch numbers and other instruments to sing and dance. Some members of the Christian family will also transport the remains of the dead to Varanasi to cremate and scatter the ashes into the river. Passengers can watch the ceremony quietly, but remember not to comment and swear. Although the Ganges water looks very muddy, people come to bathe, wash, worship, and cremate, but the Ganges is still the most sacred river in their minds.

Amber Fort (Jaipur) is the ancient capital of Jaipur. Because the castle is made of milk white, light yellow, rose red and pure white stone, it looks like amber from afar, so it is called Amber Fort. The vaulted roofs of the palace, the marble columns and flower plant carvings, and the fine lattice panes of the geometric figures are all influenced by the Mughal architectural style.

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The most famous in the Amber Palace is the glass palace built in 1675. The palace is inlaid with glass and colored gemstones. It is very beautiful, but many gemstones have been dug up. There are many historic palaces in Amber Fort, which are worth seeing. If you see an elephant with Indian-style tattoos in the vicinity of Amber Fort, you can pay for the elephant to walk along the stone road of the moat, just like the re-enactment of the prince’s patrol in the court painting. However, in order to protect animals, everyone should carefully consider whether to sit up.

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