Listed Luxurious Palaces of Jodhpurs Rajputana’s

Jodhpur is a famous city of northern Indian state of Rajasthan this place is also called as thar desert of Rajasthan there are number of monuments, forts & palaces of Kings and their princess .With the mighty Mehrangarh fort intimidating the city and the rugged harboring the walls, Jodhpur stands straight despite coming from a significant bygone era. Talking about the luxuries Jodhpur possess, one can’t deny that lavishness and royalty breathes gentry in Jodhpur. Such pleasant luxurious spots are rare to explore anywhere else.

NiraliDhani– Wish to taste the typical Rajasthan with a twist of lavishness, NiraliDhani welcomes you with open hearts to its ethnic greenbelt that’s an extravagant example of the royal state of Rajasthan.

nirali dhani palace jodhpur

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It welcomes you to explore its elegant and regal rooms and suites, traditional Indian fabrics, classic decor, famous Rajasthani cuisine, and everything that lets you embrace the true luxury of Rajasthan. One of the best things about NiraliDhani is that they offer their guests a vibrant Rajasthani folk dance performance that gives a fine glimpse of what true splendor is.

PratapNiwas- One of the most important things you must do is residing in the PratapNiwas while on your visit to Jodhpur. It’s a 400-year old ancestral haveli that housed the royal family of Jhalamand. It’s been restored and converted into an elegant resort that lets its visitors experience royalty and  luxuriousness in a different way.

pratapniwas jodhpur

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If you’re a follower of history and architecture and you’re always enchanted by the regency of royal times, then the PratamNiwas awaits you to explore more of what the Mughals and Mewars gifted to the architecture of this majestic palace. The best part of PratapNiwas is that they offer local sightseeing tours for its visitors.

Ranbanka Palace– This is one of the classiest legacy resorts in Jodhpur that lets you embrace the royalty in Jodhpuri style. The luxurious palace is run by the royal generations of Jodhpur’s forefathers. They make sure you experience the true royalty and luxury by making you feel like Kings and Queens of Jodhpur.

Ranbanka palace joadhpur

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The majestic architecture of Marwar is worth appreciation. Their regal rooms and suites, spas and clubs, bar lounges, swimming pool, and multi-cuisine dining options give a grand but rich ambience of the Palace.

To make this Journey more Luxurious One another option you can add in your tour itinerary of Luxury Trains which are the gems of India filled from all luxurious facilities on moving train all the cabins of trains are just like a bedroom of any Palace and many other amenities like Bar, Spa, Laundry, Restaurants are available is this moving board of Train like ..

  • Maharaja Express Train
  • Palace on Wheels

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