Unmask the Facts of Nepal before Exploring It

One of the popular countries and the tourist destination that is known to be the blend of modernity and ancient civilization is ‘Nepal’ which has created its trademark. If you think you have known this tiny country quite well, then it is the time for you to think again. The given below facts would truly intrigue you. This astounding country will pop out your pub quiz. With so many interesting facts that Nepal is sure to give you if you are looking forward to exploring this place someday sooner, then fill up your head with some interesting information, which you might not have heard earlier.

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Located in the Himalayas, Nepal is a landlocked territory. This means it has borders with huge Asian giants. On the north side, there is the People ’s Republic of China while in the south you will find India. On contrary to the giant neighbours, this small territory till date has managed to maintain the territories diversity. It extends from Terai humid wooded plains till the iciest mountain which called as the earth peak and that is Himalaya.

  1. The Country whose Capital was a Lake

Yes! You have read it right. As per the mythology and geographical studies, it has been confided was Kathmandu was once upon a time a lake. Mythology states that Manjushri went to Kathmandu where he saw a huge lake. To create a good civilization in that area, he divided the crest in held where the water drained. This eventually leads to having the valley with the most fertile area. As per the geologist, Lake got drained out over 15,000 years.

  1. No Independence Day

Even if there had been a lot of historical truths about Nepal told to us, but do you know that there is one contraction and expansion history too. Well, this country was never ruled by foreigners nor there has been colonization ever made. It is the only country that celebrates no Independence Day.

  1. Surrounded by Tallest Mountains

Although Nepal is one smallest country but do you know that most of the mountain areas in Nepal are located on the Northside and 8 out of the ten tallest mountains itself are in Nepal. Mount Everest is the perfect example of the same. It is popular by Sagarmatha which Sherpas of the country have named it.

  1. In The Land Of Buddha Hinduism is Followed:

Although the Locals of Nepal call Lumbini a place where Buddha was born but Hinduism has a strong impact on the society of Nepal. Yes, there is also Buddhism which is followed. But there is no denying that Nepal is the only state where 80.6% of people follow Hinduism and 10.7 % have budgets and rest includes Muslim and other regions in minority

Known to be a multicultural territory, you know, Nepal surely till date has managed to Nepali traditions, ancient religions in the gigantic mountains and extensive nature. But don’t you think those fun facts mentioned above, made us know this place better?

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