What Tourists Like Most in India

Basically a tour which starts from Delhi and explore about the famous tourist places and historical monuments of Delhi like India gate, Qutub Minar, Lotus Temple,, Red Fort, Akshardham Temple & more.

taj mahal agra

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Then move for your another or next destination Agra where you will explore about the Famous & UNESCO world heritage site like Taj Mahal.

Afterward, proceed onward to the Rajasthan desert district to appreciate the magnificent land, Jaipur with its royal residences, fortresses, Jantar Mantar, markets and considerably more.

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All in all, what’s so exceptional around three destinations that make up a fanciful triangle? One could without much of a stretch discover four destinations on the guide and make a square. Would that make the square all the more fascinating? All things considered, not generally.

Moreover, the Golden Triangle is n’t only three arbitrary destinations that are acclaimed to shape their areas make on the guide. What makes the Golden Triangle Tour amazing is what’s inside those destinations. Visitors don’t typically stay with the banality Golden Triangle schedule. They add a couple of tourist destinations to add a flavor to the outing like Golden Triangle with Ranthambore, etc.

In Delhi, you can savor the way of life of the entire nation may it be execution expressions, cooking, celebration or shopping. While at Delhi, explore Red Fort, Chandni Chowk, Qutub Minar, Akshardham Temple, India Gate, and other paramount buildings, which include more connections of its history with its way of life.

This has driven Rajasthan to be a notable shopping destination in the nation. With sands and residue on the floor, the powerful Rajputs have figured out how to assemble a few structures, landmarks and significantly more. Of the considerable number of destinations of Rajasthan, what can beat capital excellence, the Jaipur?

Agra is a famous Mughal dynasty of India one of the famous monument the symbol of love Taj Mahal is there which is also named as a UNESCO world heritage site which was built by the Sahah Jahan in the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal .

Another mark of the Mughal Empire is the deserted capital city, Fatehpur Sikri. Built with everything about extravagance and building bragging, this capital city was relinquished in 10 years or something like that, because of the absence of water and propelling powers of threatening realms.


There’s indeed so much to discover when it comes to the biodiversity of nature and the Indian wildlife is the perfect example of the same. It’s the exact reason why most tourists around the world prefer to visit India, at least at a point in time of their lives.

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From jump-starting ‘Project Tiger’ to being named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, our Indian national parks and sanctuaries have always been at the helm of preserving this natural environment that every tourist craves for.

Religious Destinations –

India pilgrim destinations are very famous for religious peoples who want to explore about the places which explore all about the India religions & rituals every places of India related to many goddess and devotees where they comes to forgive for their own mistakes. Varanasi, Haridwar, Chardham, Rishikesh & many more pilgrim destinations are famous.

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