Listed Luxurious Palaces of Jodhpurs Rajputana’s

Jodhpur is a famous city of northern Indian state of Rajasthan this place is also called as thar desert of Rajasthan there are number of monuments, forts & palaces of Kings and their princess .With the mighty Mehrangarh fort intimidating the city and the rugged harboring the walls, Jodhpur stands straight despite coming from a significant bygone era. Talking about the luxuries Jodhpur possess, one can’t deny that lavishness and royalty breathes gentry in Jodhpur. Such pleasant luxurious spots are rare to explore anywhere else.

NiraliDhani– Wish to taste the typical Rajasthan with a twist of lavishness, NiraliDhani welcomes you with open hearts to its ethnic greenbelt that’s an extravagant example of the royal state of Rajasthan.

nirali dhani palace jodhpur

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It welcomes you to explore its elegant and regal rooms and suites, traditional Indian fabrics, classic decor, famous Rajasthani cuisine, and everything that lets you embrace the true luxury of Rajasthan. One of the best things about NiraliDhani is that they offer their guests a vibrant Rajasthani folk dance performance that gives a fine glimpse of what true splendor is.

PratapNiwas- One of the most important things you must do is residing in the PratapNiwas while on your visit to Jodhpur. It’s a 400-year old ancestral haveli that housed the royal family of Jhalamand. It’s been restored and converted into an elegant resort that lets its visitors experience royalty and  luxuriousness in a different way.

pratapniwas jodhpur

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If you’re a follower of history and architecture and you’re always enchanted by the regency of royal times, then the PratamNiwas awaits you to explore more of what the Mughals and Mewars gifted to the architecture of this majestic palace. The best part of PratapNiwas is that they offer local sightseeing tours for its visitors.

Ranbanka Palace– This is one of the classiest legacy resorts in Jodhpur that lets you embrace the royalty in Jodhpuri style. The luxurious palace is run by the royal generations of Jodhpur’s forefathers. They make sure you experience the true royalty and luxury by making you feel like Kings and Queens of Jodhpur.

Ranbanka palace joadhpur

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The majestic architecture of Marwar is worth appreciation. Their regal rooms and suites, spas and clubs, bar lounges, swimming pool, and multi-cuisine dining options give a grand but rich ambience of the Palace.

To make this Journey more Luxurious One another option you can add in your tour itinerary of Luxury Trains which are the gems of India filled from all luxurious facilities on moving train all the cabins of trains are just like a bedroom of any Palace and many other amenities like Bar, Spa, Laundry, Restaurants are available is this moving board of Train like ..

  • Maharaja Express Train
  • Palace on Wheels

Unique Reasons – Why to visit Kerala

Kerala is a unique state of south India with the cradle of modern of Indian cilization, this state is a very famous greeen & eco friendly richest state in kerala.Here the most ancient sciences originated and were transferred to the rest of the world yoga & ayurveda , the martial art kalarypayattu , the art of the Kathakali dance. so you can spend or refresh yourself with nature created & Ayurveda place of India so people comes across the world to learn the most ancient struggle inimitable theatrical art, touch the ancient culture and history of India here people comes to get treatment according to ancient Ayurveda recipes.

wayanad kerala

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There are Some Unique Reasons to visit Kerala

DANCE- Kathakali dance.The birth of this dance belongs to the 2nd century AD. However, the modern form of dance dates from the 8th century. Kataqali means “played history.” There are about 100 stories, but only 30 of them are played on stage. They are based on such Hindu poems as Ramayana and Mahabharata. The text is sung by singers, but the actors convey the story with facial expressions and movements. Usually the Kathakali dance was presented in the temples, but now you can see the performances in the open air.

kathakali dance kerala

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Tour Itinerary 13 days Kerala Hill Station Tour with Kathakali Dance

Temples in Kerala – There are many Hindu temples in Kerala to explore .which are differ from other temples of India in that they are small. A distinctive feature of local temples is a pointed roof. Most of the surviving temples of Kerala date back to the 13th century, but many were built even earlier. They are usually built around a river or lake for ritual bathing.

temples in kerala
Temples in Kerala

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Tour Itinerary15 Days Kerala tour with Temples

National Parks & Reserves in Kerala – One of the main riches of Kerala is the national reserves. More than 150 thousand tourists visit the most popular reserve Periyar every year… This is one of India’s 16 tiger preserves. It is located on the picturesque slopes of the Western Ghats and covers an area of ​​775 sq.m.

national parks in kerala

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Here you can watch the wild nature with your own eyes, hear the elephants trumpeting and monkeys chattering, breathe the clean air of the Nilgiri Mountains (Blue Mountains).

Ayurveda– is an ancient Indian science of healing and literally means “the science of life” more precisely in Kerala for several thousand you can find Ayurveda treatment of your disease one of the best way to cure your health by Ayurveda  plant medicines & More.

spa & ayurveda tour kerala

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Apart from this there are also hill stations & beaches to explore in kerala so plan your tour to Kerala and spend some time with nature & ECO friendly places .

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India’s Popular Heritage Places

After China India comes on second with highest population and also on seventh largest Country in the world there are diversity in all things languages, places, tradition, religion and more all places are different from each other and every places have their own uniqueness by religion & culture so people comes here to see the unity in diversity of India which is most popular tag line in all over the world and it also attracts the people to plan a tour to India.

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There are a lot of Places which cannot be described at once so some popular Tourists attraction of North India I am exploring here

Taj Mahal (Agra) is known as the most beautiful mausoleum in the world. It is the place where the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan made a huge investment for Queen Mumtaz Mahal as a place to stay in love and become immortal. Love myths, travelers coming to India will definitely visit the Taj Mahal.

Taj Mahal
Agra Taj Mahal

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This palace-style mausoleum is made of pure white marble and is inlaid with a variety of gorgeous gems. Fully symmetrical architectural aesthetics, combining Indian and Persian architectural art.

The Ganges River (Varanasi) is the mother river of India and the source of life in Varanasi. Numerous Hindus will come to Varanasi in their lifetime. When the first light of the East crosses the river, the believers will put their hands together and talk in the mouth, then slowly walk into the Ganges to bathe. They are convinced that the

Varanasi Ganga Aarti
Varanasi, Ganga Aarti

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Ganges water can cleanse sin and sickness and help the soul to ascend to heaven. In the evening, the Ganges Night Festival begins at the Dashashwamedh Ghats, where more than a dozen Brahmin priests use singers, fire candles, conch numbers and other instruments to sing and dance. Some members of the Christian family will also transport the remains of the dead to Varanasi to cremate and scatter the ashes into the river. Passengers can watch the ceremony quietly, but remember not to comment and swear. Although the Ganges water looks very muddy, people come to bathe, wash, worship, and cremate, but the Ganges is still the most sacred river in their minds.

Amber Fort (Jaipur) is the ancient capital of Jaipur. Because the castle is made of milk white, light yellow, rose red and pure white stone, it looks like amber from afar, so it is called Amber Fort. The vaulted roofs of the palace, the marble columns and flower plant carvings, and the fine lattice panes of the geometric figures are all influenced by the Mughal architectural style.

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The most famous in the Amber Palace is the glass palace built in 1675. The palace is inlaid with glass and colored gemstones. It is very beautiful, but many gemstones have been dug up. There are many historic palaces in Amber Fort, which are worth seeing. If you see an elephant with Indian-style tattoos in the vicinity of Amber Fort, you can pay for the elephant to walk along the stone road of the moat, just like the re-enactment of the prince’s patrol in the court painting. However, in order to protect animals, everyone should carefully consider whether to sit up.

Top Luxury Trains in India

Do You know about the luxury trains in India which are the jewels of India if you loves to explore about the luxury trains then orient rail journeys which is a place to get all related information about luxury train across the world history behind train services and luxury facilities these trains are just not luxury by name services and interior of this train is luxurious with beautiful cabins, restaurants, spa bar and more apart from this these trains are also covers all historical places to explore. So find here some listed luxury trains which can make your life luxurious.

1- Maharaja’s Express – This train owned & operated by IRCTC to increase the tourism of India with all luxury facility like spa , bar, restaurants & more this train also runs in 5 circuit and covers the all luxurious Facility to explore so find the maharaja express route map .

Maharaja Express Train

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2- Deccan Odyssey – This train is based on the model of Palace on wheels to boost the tourism of Maharashtra entered in service 2004.

Deccan Odyssey Train

Deccan Odyssey Fare

Deccan odyssey Information

Deccan Odyssey Coaches

3- Palace on Wheels – As name is also indicating the property of Palace on wheels this train is just like a moving palace lashed with all luxury facility like restaurants, spa, Laundry and different type of luxury cabins to make your journey luxurious.

The Palace on Wheels

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4- Golden Chariot- One of the famous luxury train in India which moves & connects the famous Indian states of Karnataka, Goa, Kerala & more so you can explore these places by this famous luxury train find here the golden chariot route map

Golden Chariot

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These are some famous and most preferred tourists luxury train in India some other options are available in this list but you can get all listed information by orient rail journeys about all world famous luxury train.